Review: The Allen Edmonds Neumok — One of The Best Casual Shoes Money Can Buy & Giveaway

I was super excited to be able to work out a partnership with Allen Edmonds to do this review. They were awesome enough to send over a pair of their Neumok shoes (in Snuff Suede) for me to take a look at — and they’re lasso letting me give away a pair to one of you (read on for details).

Allen Edmonds Quality

Of course, and I doubt I have to tell you this, when you buy a shoe from Allen Edmonds you are getting a shoe of the highest quality. And when you try one on, you’ll instantly be able to tell. I own (now) three pairs of Allen Edmonds and love them all. The shoes are built to last — and they easily can for well over a decade, if not even a lifetime.

Of course, the Neumok’s are no different. At $260 they are exactly the quality shoe you would expect from Allen Edmonds. Strong, well built, and high-quality.

The Neumok

There are a few unique things about the Neumok, though. For one, it’s suede, and Allen Edmonds doesn’t actually make that many suede shoes. Of course, the leather is fantastic. Thick, but not too thick, and supple. The other unique thing about the Neumok is that it’s built on one of Allen Edmond’s sleeker/thinner lasts, so the profile and sole of the shoe is sleeker. Which is awesome, and one of the two big things I look for in a shoe (toe shape and profile/side-view).

The one thing about the design of the shoe that I am not such a huge fan of is the fact that the sole extends/protrudes around the perimeter of the shoe a bit more than on most other Allen Edmonds shoes (see pictures at the top of the post). From the top, this can look a bit strange sometimes, giving off the impressions when you’re looking at the shoes from your own point-of-view while you’re wearing them that they are a bit clunkier than they really are. Now, this isn’t really a problem, so much as unique design decision (that may have to do with the special last used by the Neumok) but I guess I figured I should just point it out.

Another thing I should point out is that the shoes come with cool green laces like you see in the pictures online. This makes them a bit more casual, as you could imagine. You also get a pair of more toned down laces with your shoes as well (although I didn’t because it was a review pair I think, so I just ordered a pair of Allen Edmonds brown laces for just $3 with free shipping.

The Neumoks are, without question, the best quality and finest looking casual shoes I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. The quality is unparalleled, and I am glad to see that Allen Edmonds is branching out a bit into suede and more casual shoes as well as their usual more dressy options.

Win A Pair of Neumoks

Allen Edmonds is offering a free pair of Neumoks (in any color) to one lucky reader. To enter, just do the following:

  1. Be following this site on Tumblr.
  2. Reblog this post.

Follow and reblog. That’s it. One winner will be selected at random and contacted for their shipping information, color choices, and sizing.

Contest closes (and winner announced) on April 14th at 12:00PM ET.

Thanks to all who participate, and a huge thanks to Allen Edmonds!

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